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Coyote Outlook is a place where I practice my writing. One of the meanings of the word essay is “an attempt or endeavor”. This will be my point-of-departure for the essays on this site. They are an attempt to comment on and express opinions about music, literature, and film in an informal, vignette style. I will also be including some of my poetry and short stories.

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Quittin' Time

It’s 1985 in Guelph, Ontario at the beginning of Coyote’s adult life. It is a time of transition. The young factory worker spends a late Friday afternoon with several of his friends. In the novella Quittin' Time, explores the intimacy of friendship and its potential for closeness that also comes with the possibility of betrayal. At the heart of the casual peregrination through the city is a fundamental concern for the experience of history and time in a particular place. Ultimately it is a young man’s attempt to find the sacred in a profane world, even if it is only a glimpse.

Peter Crane

Peter Crane

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